Andy (neithere) wrote,

The Machine

You have no past. No future. No goals. No problems. You just are.

You are living in and by a machine. It needs fuel, oil, maintenance and has certain requirements for the environment to interact with. The machine has its limits.

It doesn't help if you complain about the requirements. You must fulfil them in order to get the machine working properly. And no, you don't have to stick to the gas station, just move on, there are more.

It doesn't help if you complain about the limits. They just are. You may have more fun by pushing them, but if you ignore them, the machine will stall and crash.

Do you control the machine? Yes, as long as you respect it.

So one part is maintenance, another is exploring the limits. What is left is moving.

It may or may not matter whether you fully exploit the capabilities of the machine you happen to control. I'd say what matters is a smile on your face.
Tags: psychology
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